Manufacturer & Exports all Kinds of Sportswear, Fitness wear & Custom Apparel.
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PAVO Sports define Design quality as the value of a design to customers. Design is the root of all quality including the quality of products, services, experiences, systems, and processes. We Offer Custom Design To the client.


Dye-sublimation printing yields beautiful and permanent colors that are embedded in the substrate. Images on fabric won't fade or crack even after multiple items of washing. Images on hard substrates will not chip, peel or scratch.


PAVO Sports take a team-based approach. By involving multiple disciplines in the search for improved quality, a variety of perspectives is obtained Use the customers’ perspective to define what the best-in-class product.

What we believe

Quality Foucs Quality Foucs

PAVO Sports aim to maintain our leading position in industry by satisfying our respectable customers needs and expectation through providing highest quality possible.

Innovation Innovation

PAVO Sports firmly believe that innovation is intrinsically valuable and by that we can find better ways to produce good quality products by optimizing our resources.

Research & Development Research & Development

PAVO Sports is Achieving our goals without a strong R&D is not possible. R&D has always constituted as large part especially, in theoretical and best practices competence.

Intergrity Intergrity

PAVO Sports believe integrity enables us to establish & maintain long term relationships with each of our unique client partners as well as our employees.

Community Initiative Community Initiative

PAVO Sports As an industry leader we are committed to creating a better society and working to provide health, education & social services to our community.

Energy Management Energy Management

PAVO Sports is committed to continuous improvement of its Environmental Management System for the achievement of safe and conductive environment.